Redefine desert living™

Living in the middle of the Sonoran desert offers challenges not seen in other parts of the US. It is time to adapt and plan for for these challenges before you buy your next home and not after the fact.

As a home buyer, wouldn't it be nice to be able to find a home in your price range and area that is already energy efficient, environmentally comfortable and won't cost an arm and a leg to live in when the extreme summer temperatures hit?  Buying a home in a desert environment gives you the opportunity to pick and choose those home improvements that are best adapted to hot summer days, extreme monsoon storms, and dry landscapes. 

Most Phoenix home buyers buy a home and fix it up years after living in a home but that does not have to be the case for you. Without sacrificing on price or even those home features that mean the most to you and your family, you can redefine desert living while saving money and improving the comfort and quality of life for you and your family. 

Rob Madden of Green Leaf Realty, LLC can walk you through the process from the planning stages of buying a home in the Phoenix area to finding the right home to the closing table.  Save money, improve the comfort of your home, and become better adapted to live the the desert. 

Having adapted your Phoenix home to the desert lifestyle by adding energy efficient heating and cooling, added attic insulation and radiant barriers or simply installing money saving solar panels, it is important to maximize the return on your investments by working with someone with extensive knowledge, experience, and background on green, sustainable homes. Will your home buyers understand the benefits of what you did to your home? Will an appraiser give you the added value for your home improvements?

With over 25 years experience in the real estate industry, Rob Madden has designed green marketing strategies focused on helping you sell your high performance home for the most value throughout the Phoenix area. Your green home features have value and it is important that buyers understand the value of these high performance features while maximizing the value you receive for them from the sale of your home. 

Let's talk about your options.

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Real estate in Phoenix is more than just unlocking lockboxes and ferrying home buyers around to look at homes. In a competitive market where thousands cry for your attention, look for someone that has the experience, knowledge, and background to help with your real estate goals. With over 25 years experience in the real estate industry, having earned certifications as an energy auditor and healthy home evaluator, and trained in green and sustainable real estate, Rob Madden can help you redefine desert living through insight, experience, and planning to make your home in the desert more adapted to the extreme climate in the Sonoran desert.

Selling a Phoenix home that has solar (solar electric or solar water), earned a green certification (e.g. Energy Star, LEED, Pearl, low HERS rating, etc), or invested in energy efficient features throughout the home (like high SEER ac units, extra insulation, energy efficient windows, or even air sealing/duct sealing)? Your home may be worth more, not only to appraisers, but to home buyers IF they understand the features and benefits of your improvements.

Whether buying or selling, rely on Rob’s experience and knowledge to guide you through every step of the process.

Rob Madden - Green Home Broker

Green Leaf Realty, LLC

Realtor, EcoBroker, GREEN, ABR, CNE, CLHMS, Certified Solar Specialist, Healthy Home Evaluator, BPI Building Analyst

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Rob is the best Realtor that I could imagine. He is extremely knowledgeable and uses that information to help you throughout the process. He will point out negatives and potential hazards in homes, as his main purpose is to get you into the right house for you, not to make a sale. He is patient, understanding, and honest. I have bought and sold a home with Rob, and I am in the process of selling and purchasing a new home now.

Jeff J.

Past client

Rob went above and beyond the call of duty as our realtor. He provided insight into the real estate market and patiently guided us to the perfect home for our family. He presented pros and cons to every home, giving us the opportunity to make good decisions along the way. I would recommend Rob to any family, friend or colleague who is considering the search for a home in the Valley. He was outstanding and I would trust him to anyone.

Dana S.

Past client

Working with Rob Madden I found him as a person with great proficiency and deep education of Realestate. Dedicated reliable professional. That's him - passionate natural leader. I strongly endorse Rob Madden. Always takes care of the job. 

Chad K

Past client

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Hiring a green Realtor can help you find the right home for you and your family that not only fits your budget and criteria but can help find one that is more energy efficient, healthier (think indoor air quality, toxins, pollutants, etc), and more comfortable throughout the year.

Pricing Strategies

Solar homes, green homes, Energy Star homes, and other high performing homes may be worth more than the typical "comparable" sale in the area. Knowing how to properly price the home can result in more $$$ in your pocket, accurate appraisals, and quicker home sales.

Innovative Marketing

When selling a green, solar, or high performing home, how will the benefits of these features be marketed? Will the buyer understand why they are better to have than not to have? Hiring the right Realtor can make the difference in educating and marketing these key features to home buyers.

What is your green or solar home worth?

Green and solar features can add to the value of your Phoenix home.